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JOE DESCOMPS (1872 - 1948)

'The Melusines' Symbolist Pendant / Brooch


JOE DESCOMPS (1872 - 1948)

'The Melusines' Symbolist Pendant / Brooch

Gold, plique-a- jour enamel, emerald & pearl

H  7.80cm (3.07 in)  |  W  5.10cm (2.01 in)

Origin France, c. 1900
Marks Signed verso with monogram ‘JD’ for Joe Descomps. The brooch pin marked LG flanking a horn for Leon Gariod
Condition Very good

The Sirens two tails represent the unity of earth & water, body & soul. Beautifuly modelled with fine pique-à-jour enamel.

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