JOHN PAUL COOPER (1869 - 1933)

'The Kingfisher' A Superb Arts & Crafts Necklace


JOHN PAUL COOPER (1869 - 1933)

'The Kingfisher' A Superb Arts & Crafts Necklace

Gold, emerald, ruby & pearl - Suffragette colours

H  7.10cm (2.80 in)  |  W  3.70cm (1.46 in)

Origin England, 1906
Case Fitted Case
Condition Very good
Weight 31.00 Grams

‘The Kingfisher’ is a rare and early example of Cooper going back to the roots of Medieval jewellery and re-interpreting late Roman and Byzantine jewels to create this unique design and superb necklace. Characteristic of his work is the use of 15 carat gold which he preferred because of the richness of the colour, rather than following the ideology of his contemporaries who worked mainly in silver, cf. Vivienne Becker, Art Nouveau Jewelry, London 2010, pp. 155 f.
Documented: John Paul Cooper sketch-book, p.55 no 239
The Kingfisher detail p.51 no 196

Arts & Crafts Exhibition, Grafton Galleries 1906

John Paul Cooper Designer and Craftsman of the Arts & Crafts Movement
by N. Natasha Kuzmanovic, 1999.
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