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Robert Kraft - ‘Darmstadt’ waist clasp


Robert Kraft - ‘Darmstadt’ waist clasp

W  8.20cm (3.23 in)  |  L  5.20cm (2.05 in)

Origin German, c. 1905
Marks Marked verso: ‘Alpacca’

Alpacca with purple hardstones
cf.Schmuck in Deutschland und Osterreich 1895-1914, Ulrike von Hase, p.184. Art Nouveau Jewelry, Vivienne Becker, 1985, plate number 216 & 217.

Jewelry & Metalwork in the Arts & Crafts Tradition, Elyse Zorn Karlin, 1993, p. 182. Journal of The Decorative Arts Society no 14, 'Liberty & Co.'s ""Nola"" metalwork: Art Nouveau silver jewellery from Pforzheim, by Graham Dry, p. 35. The inspiration for this design, was Professor Julius Muller-Salem's award winning, winged dragon brooch of 1902, which was reduced to an ornamental geometric form by Robert Kraft.

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