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OTTO PRUTSCHER (1880 - 1949)

Rare Jugendstil Brooch


OTTO PRUTSCHER (1880 - 1949)

Rare Jugendstil Brooch

Silver Enamel Opal Pearl

H  3.60cm (1.42 in)  |  W  4.60cm (1.81 in)

Origin Austrian, c. 1901
Marks 'KF' for maker Johann Souval & Vienna poincon
Case Fitted Case
Condition Excellent

Rare Jugendstil Brooch designed by Otto Prutscher & made by Johann Souval
Another example is in the collection of The Schnuckmuseum, Pforzheim.
Jewellery by Otto Prutscher is extremely rare.

cf. Schmuck in Deutschland und Osterreich 1895-1914, Ulrike von Hase 1977, page 328-329. Schmuck und Edelmetall-Arbeiten, Kochs Monographien IX, Darmstadt, 1906, p.72.
Art Nouveau Jewelry, Vivienne Becker, 1985, pl. 232.

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