Plisson et Hartz - Superb Art Nouveau Scarf Ring


Plisson et Hartz - Superb Art Nouveau Scarf Ring

Gold Diamond

W  2.10cm (0.83 in)  |  D  2.40cm (0.94 in)

Origin French, c. 1900
Marks Maker's mark for Plisson & Hartz & 2 horses heads
Case Fitted Case

Hinged with a central pin for gripping the scarf.
cf. Henri Vever's La Bijouterie Française au XIXe Siècle, translated by Katherine Purcell, p. 904, 1053, 1056, 1057,1058, 1059, 1060 & 1063.

Vivienne Becker, Art Nouveau Jewelry, London 1985 (reprint 2010), p 226 and Wolfgang Glüber, Jugendstilschmuck. Der Bestand im Hessischen Landesmuseum Darmstadt, Regensburg 2011, no. 123 and p. 400. As Vivienne Becker mentions Plisson et Hartz are an important jewellery firm specialised in Art Nouveau pieces made of gold and exquisitely chased as in the scarf ring above. The combination with diamonds as highlights is typical of their work. Their designs have a sculptural feel. The female face was indicative of the Art Nouveau period and represented the woman in her changing role in society and the awareness of the feminine sensitivity and passion.

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