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Lucky Flying Fish Brooch


Lucky Flying Fish Brooch

Gold Diamond

W  3.20cm (1.26 in)  |  L  4.50cm (1.77 in)

Origin American, c. 1910
Marks '18K' Within the fish is an inscription H.E.E. I.N.17-3-1911. EE double poined arrow LBOn the body are two bearded 'Chinese Immortals'
Case Fitted Case

Old cut diamond 0.20 cts approx

Seeing a flying fish in Chinese law grants you three wishes. The diamond pendant represents in Chinese lore symbolises clarity ascension & wisdom. Probably a bespoke gift for made for a beloved parent or husband. A rare & amusing jewel. The articulated mouth of the fish can be removed & although what it contained is missing a small written prayer may have been included. Engraved on the back of the fins are celestial symbols of moon sun stars & comet. The comet probably relates to Halley's Comet of 1910 of which there was world wide interest.

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