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Luckenbooth Love Token Brooch


Luckenbooth Love Token Brooch

Gold Demantoid Garnet Ruby Diamond Pearl

Diameter  2.90cm (1.14 in)

Origin British, c. 1897
Case Fitted Case

Entwined hearts surmounted by a coronet of pearls. Probably commissioned for nobility as an engagement gift.
cf. Antique Jewellery, John Benjamin, 2003, p.105


The luckenbooth brooch is a traditional Scottish love token often given as a betrothal or wedding brooch as a symbol of love and protection. One legend of the luckenbooth brooch is that it was a symbol of love and devotion given by Mary Queen of Scots to Lord Darnley. Another story is that it was an engagement brooch given to her by the Dauphin of France whom she later married.

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