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Lucien Gaillard - Art Nouveau Dragonfly Ring


Lucien Gaillard - Art Nouveau Dragonfly Ring

Gold Aquamarine Diamond

W  2.00cm (0.79 in)  |  D  1.50cm (0.59 in)

Origin French, c. 1900

Unmarked. Ref. Important Works of Art and Jewelry, from the collection of Lillian Nassau, Ltd, Sothebys New York June 5, 1996, cat. no 13, opal version.
Schmuck-Kunst im Jugendstil-Art Nouveau Jewellery, Schmuckmuseum Pforzheim, 1999, page 64-78. Art Nouveau, The French Aesthetic, Victor Arwas, 2002, p.16, 336, 343, 356, 360, 389, 399, 410, 613.

The Belle Epoque of French Jewellery 1850-1910, Munich 1991, p.262-272. Art Nouveau Jewellery, Arnoldsche & Schmuckmuseum Pforzheim 1999, p.64-78

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