JULES DESBOIS (1851 - 1935)

'Eve' Symbolist Buckle


JULES DESBOIS (1851 - 1935)

'Eve' Symbolist Buckle


H  6.90cm (2.72 in)  |  W  6.60cm (2.60 in)

Origin France, c. 1902
Marks Signed 'J. Desbois'
Case Fitted Case
Condition Very good
Weight 37.90 Grams

Gabriel Mourey wrote in the French section of Jewellery & Fans, Studio Special 1902: 'The jewels of M. Jules Debois are works of pure sculpture. His vision, at once broad & delicate, takes the form of beautiful female forms in dreamy or voluptuous attitude, sleeping amid the masses of their abundant hair, against a background of gold, or shell, or whatever the material may be. Any womanly gesture suffices; and, in truth, what more is needed to make a real work of art in the form of a brooch or a button? No conventional flowers, no complicated interlacements, nothing ""decorative"" in the bad sense of the word; yet his work is powerfully and delicately modern. M. Debois' jewels are perfect pieces of sculpture'

Museum collections Paris include: The Louvre, Musée d'Orsay, The Petit Palais & the Museum of Modern Art New York

cf. The Paris Salons 1895-1914, Jewellery, Volume I, Alastair Duncan, 1994, p. 186
Modern Design in Jewellery & Fans, Studio Special 1902, pl.16 & 17, design illustrated pl.18.
Volume 113, Bijoux Grafes Boucles Broches, Pays Divers, X1Xe Siècle, A-Z number 3 (Library of the Musée des arts décoratifs, Paris).

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