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Emile Vernier - ‘Marguerite’ Art Nouveau Brooch


Emile Vernier - ‘Marguerite’ Art Nouveau Brooch

Gold Diamond

Diameter  2.70cm (1.06 in)

Origin French, c. 1900
Marks Signed: ‘EV’ monogram

Retailer's fitted case, stamped Vernier, the silk marked: E. Schullmann & Co, Frankfurt
cf. The Paris Salons 1895-1914, Jewellery, Volume II, The Designers L-Z, page 249-250. Art Nouveau Jewelry, Vivienne Becker, 1985, page 229

Henri Vever, French Jewelry of the Nineteenth Century, translated by Katherine Purcell, 2000, p.972, 998, 1034, 1048, 1050, 1054, 1058.

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