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Edith Linnell - Arts & Crafts Sautoir


Edith Linnell - Arts & Crafts Sautoir

Silver Crystal Rose Quartz

W  3.20cm (1.26 in)  |  L  9.00cm (3.54 in)

Origin British, c. 1920
Case Original Fitted Case

Fitted case, the silk marked: 'Art Jeweller, Edith Linnell, Moseley, Birmingham'
cf. Jewelry & Metalwork in the Arts & Crafts Tradition, Elyse Zorn Karlin, 1993, p. 79

The Studio Year Book of Decorative Art 1909, p.147 'LINNELL, Mrs. Edith M., Malvern-bury, Oakland Road, Moseley, Birmingham. Mrs. Linnell is a designer of and worker in jewelry, gold and silver. She exhibited at the last exhibition of the Arts & Crafts Society in London, and at St. Louis, the Baillie Gallery, London, The Albert Hall, London, and the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool'

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