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EDWARD SPENCER (1872 - 1938)

Arts & Crafts Pendant


EDWARD SPENCER (1872 - 1938)

Arts & Crafts Pendant

Silver, gold, opal, sapphires, moonstone, emerald, chrysoprase, pearls

H  8.00cm (3.15 in)  |  W  3.50cm (1.38 in)

Origin British, c. 1912
Case Original Fitted Case

The original Artificers' Guild fitted case has accompanying documentation describing the fine opal which is approximately 22 cts.

Illustrated in our book:
Beatriz Chadour-Sampson & Sonya Newell-Smith, Tadema Gallery London Jewellery from the 1860s to 1960s, Arnoldsche Art Publishers, Stuttgart 2021, p. 333
Nancy N. Schiffer, Silver Jewlry Design, 1996, illustrated p. 63

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