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SIMON DEE (1935 - 2009)

Planet Brooch


SIMON DEE (1935 - 2009)

Planet Brooch

Gold, diamonds, emerald

H  6.50cm (2.56 in)  |  W  6.00cm (2.36 in)

Origin British, c. 1968
Case Fitted Case

In the shape of the solar system, the central sun as a yellow gold ball encircled by planetary orbits in white gold wire. Eight planets represented by full cut bezel set diamonds; Earth represented by a round faceted bezel set emerald.
Cyril Nicholas Henty-Dodd was known by his stage name Simon Dee. He was a successful disc jockey, TV presenter and actor in Swinging Sixties Britain. Almost nothing is known about his past in jewellery design, other than in 1966 he was photographed with Susan Bourne opening a jewellery boutique. When Tadema Gallery advertised the 'Planet Brooch‘ in the Financial Times, Dee wrote back stating that he had designed the piece.

Acquired by The Richard H. Driehaus Museum, Chicago

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Ref No   1978