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A Belle Epoque symbolist pendant



A Belle Epoque symbolist pendant

Gold Enamel Diamond Pearl

H  7.00cm (2.76 in)  |  W  4.80cm (1.89 in)

Origin France, c. 1900
Case Original Fitted Case
Condition Very good

Original fitted case, the silk marked:
E. Rogez, Bijoutier, Orfevre, Rue des Puits L'Eau 11, Tournai
An important amulet pendant, abundant with symbols for health & luck, particularly for a new mother & child.
Two herons, signifying good fortune, encompass lotus flowers floating beneath a brilliant sunrise. The lotus has ancient associations with the origins of life, & dawn is also the triumph of new life after the dark of night. Pearls represent the female principle of life, & diamonds eternal love. The four knots in the chain are the four winds, symbolising eternal life & the balance of nature

cf. The Belle Epoque of French Jewellery 1850-1910,
1989, Munich, page 235, catalogue number 154 Schmuck Jewellery 1840-1940, Highlights Schmuckmuseum, Pforzheim, Fritz Falk, 2004, p. 67, cat no 57 illustrates another version from the Museum collection

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