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‘The Easter Jewel’ an exquisite, egg shaped, reversible pendant


‘The Easter Jewel’ an exquisite, egg shaped, reversible pendant

Silver Enamel

W  3.10cm (1.22 in)  |  D  7.50cm (2.95 in)

Origin Scottish, c. 1902
Case Fitted Case

Provenance: The Artists family.
cf. Phoebe Anna Traquair 1852-1936, exhibition catalogue by Dr. Elizabeth Cumming, National Galleries of Scotland, 1993. 'A noble passion & an exalted inspiration': the Art & Craft of Phoebe Anna Traquair.


Her versatile & accomplished oeuvre included mural decoration, painting, furniture decoration, book illumination, embroidery, enamelling & jewellery. Harmonising art with life, she expressed through her work, the beauty of nature & the trials of the human spirit. '.....I have come from her work overwhelmed, astonished, as I used to come long ago from Blake, & from him alone. She differs from all other modern devout painters but him in this supreme thing. The nearer she approaches the Divine the more passionate become the lines - the more expressive the faces, the more vehement is every movement. To the others the world is full & the spirit empty'. The letter written in London on 16 June 1906 by the poet W.B. Yeats to Lady Gregory.

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