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CHILD & CHILD (worked 1880-1915)

'Pre-Raphaelite' Bracelet


CHILD & CHILD (worked 1880-1915)

'Pre-Raphaelite' Bracelet

Silver Gold Demantoid Garnet

H  1.20 cm (0.47 in)  |  W  21.00 cm (8.27 in)

Origin British, c. 1885
Marks 'Child & Child' monogram
Case Fitted Case
Condition Very good
Weight 11.70 Grams

A very feminine & elegant example of the new style of jewelry design epitomized in Pre-Raphaelite jewelry by one of the top London Art jewelers Child & Child.

cf. Pre-Raphaelite to Arts & Crafts Jewellery, Charlotte Gere & Geoffrey C. Munn, 1996, p.148
Child and Child were specialist art jewellers. They were patronised by artists from the Pre-Raphaelite circle including Edward Burne Jones, William Holman Hunt and Sir Edwin Lutyens and by members of the Royal family such as Queen Victoria, King Edward V11 and Queen Alexandra, King George V and Queen Mary, and Alexandra, Empress of Russia.

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