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Art Deco Brooch


JEAN DESPRES 1889-1980

Art Deco Brooch

Silver Gold Onyx Turquoise

W  4.10 cm (1.61 in)  |  L  2.60 cm (1.02 in)

Origin French, c. 1930
Marks Marked: ‘JD’ in a lozenge. Engraved signature: ‘J. Despres’
Case Fitted Case

cf. Art Deco Jewellery 1920-1949, Melissa Gabardi, 1989, pages 36-38. JEAN DESPRES maestro orafo tra art deco e avanguardie, Melissa Gabardi, 1999.

Illustrated: European Designer Jewelry, Ginger Moro, 1995, page 42. The Spirit & Splendour of Art Deco, Alain Lesieutre, p.299, pl.281. Exhibited: The Victoria & Albert Museum, London, Fashion through the Ages, 1978

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