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'Anjos cantores' Gold medallic brooch


RENE LALQUE 1860-1945

'Anjos cantores' Gold medallic brooch

Gold Enamel

W  3.90 cm (1.54 in)  |  L  2.40 cm (0.94 in)

Origin French, c. 1899 to c. 1901
Marks Signed: ‘LALIQUE’
Case Fitted Case

The reverse enamelled
cf. Lalique, Museo Calouste Gulbenkian 1997, page 115 variant shown Lalique, Schmuck und Objects d'art 1890-1910, Sigrid Barten, 1977, page 404, variant shown

Lalique was one of the first Paris jewellers to use the medallist's technique of 'tour a reduire'

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